Camel Safari: A Unique Experience of Thar Desert with Sam Sand Dunes


Camel Safari: A Unique Experience of Thar Desert with Sam Sand Dunes

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Camel Safari: A Unique Experience of Thar Desert with Sam Sand Dunes

Camel Safari At Sam Sand Dujnes Jaisalmer

Embarking on a camel safari in the Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan is an adventure like no other. It offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience that allows you to explore the rustic and royal beauty of Rajasthan. With its golden sands and remote villages, the Thar Desert provides a glimpse into the desert lifestyle, making camel safaris one of the most sought-after adventure tours in India. Among the various options available, the Sunrise/Sunset Camel Safari with Sam Sand Dunes stands out as a truly unique experience.

The Sunrise/Sunset Camel Safari:

Whether you prefer the tranquility of the morning or the magical hues of the evening, the choice is yours. The safari begins with a convenient pick-up from your hotel, where you will be introduced to your camel and its rider. The camel men are experienced and ensure your safety throughout the journey. As you embark on your camel safari, you will witness the breathtaking sunrise or sunset over the vast desert landscape. The approximately three-hour safari takes you through the beautiful area around Sam, allowing you to capture stunning photographs and create lasting memories. After the safari, you will be safely dropped back at your hotel, with tea, coffee, and biscuits served during the trip.

General Riding Instructions:
While camels are gentle creatures, it is important to follow certain instructions to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. When mounting the camel, lean back and adjust yourself in the saddle. Hang your backpack on the saddle knob for convenience. As the camel stands up or sits down, lean back again and hold the reins tightly (known as mori). Throughout the ride, always hold the reins to maintain control and stability. When turning right, gently pull the right rein in that direction, and vice versa for turning left. If you wish to gallop, slowly pull both reins together and give the camel a slight kick with your legs. To make the camel stop, pull both reins backwards quickly. To make it sit down, pull both reins and say “Jhu Jhu.” To resume walking, pull the reins up again. If you require a demonstration before the trip, our trained drivers will be happy to assist you. Remember, never provoke a camel or offer it any food.

A camel safari in the Thar Desert with Sam Sand Dunes is an extraordinary experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Rajasthan. The picturesque sand dunes, traditional Rajasthani meals, and warm hospitality of the locals make this adventure truly unforgettable. Whether you choose to witness the sunrise or sunset, the camel safari promises to be a unique and thrilling journey. To make your bookings and embark on this extraordinary adventure, call us now at +919413986639. Let us create an engaging and informative experience for you.

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