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Superior Travel Desk Point in Deserts of Jaisalmer

We’ll travel into the desert and get a taste of the real rural life that people in this region have been living for years; what better way to achieve this than by camel? Like the ancient camel caravans that have traversed the dunes for millennia, we will travel in groups. Then, shortly before dusk, our atmospheric desert camp suddenly appears on the horizon.

If you enjoy taking photographs, you will adore this breathtaking landscape and the distinctive light that results from a desert sunset. From September to March, Jaisalmer Desert Camp makes an effort to deliver to you at your door the delights, charms, originality, and thrill of desert life. Backed by well-trained, seasoned employees, we at Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp have trustworthiness, extensive knowledge, and professional expertise people. They take care of your comfort and nutritious cuisine.

We pledge to meet your needs to the highest standard at the lowest possible cost, which will astound you. The Jaisalmer Desert Camp offers fully furnished tent accommodations with power and bathroom facilities, giving you a home away from home feeling. In our tastefully constructed tents with a center room and bathrooms with all contemporary amenities, you can experience Rajasthani tradition while remaining close to nature. We have an outside restaurant to add to your adventures and fun.

Our Location 

To your surprise, our location at SAM DUNES is only 32 miles from Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer Desert camp experiences in the dunes playing hide and seek with you will be an exciting experience even if it is in the city of Jaisalmer’s neighborhood. Let us strive to make your life enjoyable.

Exclusive, luxurious camel safaris and camping are specialties of Jaisalmer Desert Safari, which operates throughout Rajasthan’s desert. To visit Jaisalmer, reserve a taxi in Jaipur. The base camp, where you may take advantage of our unique desert dream package, is situated three kilometers before Sam Sand Dunes. Camel safari, a night’s accommodation, a traditional greeting, refreshments, and folk music is truly awesome.

Swiss tents are offered by Jaisalmer Desert Camp in a classic Indian setting with all types of conveniences, including medical and lodging options. Not the sort of holiday that most people enjoy.

After dusk, the celebration begins with food and entertainment warmed by a raging bonfire. Traditional Rajasthani food will be served during your feast. The melody will climb into the starry sky as the night goes on. We’ll be providing the sounds to get you through to the New Year, including dubstep, drum and bass, and hip-hop.

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