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flock dance in jaisalmer - sheesh mahal desert camp

Folk Dance in Jaisalmer

The famous and remarkable experience of this deserted land is that you will also have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy music and folk dance in these golden dunes with the warm campfire & the barbeque dinner theme arrangements. This Rajasthani cultural dance performance by some local artists is the main attraction regarding the royal cultures & the heritage of this vibrant state. You can quickly feel relieved in the land of Maharajas with the enchanting folk dance & music performances after the nontouristic camel ride in an offbeat track of the desert. 

Here Are 5 Rajasthani Folk Dances You Should Know About:

1. Ghoomar: 

Ghoomar is the most famous folk dance of Jaisalmer; when you will see this dance, you can enjoy the actual entertainment for royalty. Introduced by the Bhil tribe, & later adopted by the royal communities, including Rajputs, this is performed by women on festivals & special events like Teej, Holi & the arrival of the newlywed bride at the marital house.

2. Kalbelia 

Due to its almost twisting motions, the Rajasthani traditional dance Kalbelia (or Kalbeliya) is also known as the “Sapera Dance” or the “Snake Charmer Dance.” The Kalbelia tribal group produced the dance. It is a stunning dancing style in which the female dancers don their traditional attire, which includes an angrakhi (a jacket-like garment), an odhani (veil), and a black ghagra (skirt) (long dress). They move sensually as they form coiled-up shapes that resemble snakes in motion. Men play traditional instruments such as the dholak, a two-headed drum, the khanjar, and the pungi to provide the music for the dances (a woodwind instrument).

3.  Bhavai

Bhavai, the ritualistic folk dance of Rajasthan, is generally performed by women belonging to Kalbelia, Meena, Kumhar, or Bhil tribal communities of the state. This takes many years to master this dance, which involves women balancing eight to nine earthen pots or brass pitchers on their heads as they dance & twirl with their feet gripping of them the sides of the glass or the brass plate.

4.  Kachhi Ghodi

Kachhi Ghodi is a famous folk dance performed by Rajasthani men, originating in the Rajasthani region. This dance enacts tales of the local bandits, conveyed through mock sword fights. Men generally wear traditional attire such as turbans, dhoti & kurtas and pretend to ride the decorated dummy horse. The whole dance is meant to be a symbolic show of bravery & chivalry.

5.    Gair

Gair is Rajasthan’s most famous folk dance originating from the Bhil community. Both the women and men dance together, featuring beautiful moments, traditional instruments & some colorful outfits.

Why Is It Important To Travel To Experience Cultural Art Forms?

Culture is the only way society narrates stories, keeps history alive, entertains themselves, keeps the ethical and moral codes intact, makes stable communities & imagining the actual future. This is a beautiful way of preserving or strengthening the community’s sense of place, forgoing its identity of them, & showing off its natural creativity.

These particular dance forms help in preserving the cultural heritage & passing the tradition from 1 generation to another, inspiring an incredible feeling of solidarity. Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp can give you the actual sense of royal entertainment by arranging this type of program. Also, this is dedicated to promoting global understanding when making the bonds of cultural appreciation & unity among nations that, in turn, help to gain love, respect & fame in foreign lands

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